About Us

[Melissa & Dan]My father, Dave Williams, and my grandfather, Don Williams bought our farm back in 1969. At that time the farm consisted of 90 acres of apple orchard and 35 acres of brush and junk! They ran the apple orchard the first two years and expanded into dairy in 1971. They ran with apples and milk until 1979 when the apple orchard was phased out and the dairy was expanded.

In 1988 my grandfather and father had the opportunity to sell the main farm and get out of the dairy business. My dad moved over to our current farm and my grandfather moved to a house in town and retired. We went without any animals for about one year which proved to be difficult for my father. He built high tensile fence around 45 acres of the farm and in 1990 began to learn the craft of rotationally grazing beef. We have since added 40 acres of pasture to this farm.


[Dan and boys]At our farm on Brothertown Road, my wife Melissa and our two boys Dylan and Gabe help out with the day-to-day chores. Our sons like to collect the eggs and take care of the chickens. 

We also own an agricultural fencing business next to our farm where we sell everything you need for your own fence. www.williamsfarmfence.com